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Final Fantasy XVI PC Version Will Support Frame Rate Over 100 FPS, Ultra Wide, & Mouse/KB

The upcoming PC version of Square Enix’s action role-playing game, Final Fantasy XVI, will support a frame rate of over 100 fps, ultra wide displays, and mouse and keyboard controls.

Speaking during an interview, Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida shared details regarding the new features that are being added to the upcoming PC version, including support for a frame rate of over 100 fps, ultra wide displays, and mouse and keyboard controls. He mentioned that the development team is currently optimizing the game for the platform. In doing so, it is updating code that will allow the game to run better. Through developing the PC version, the team has found ways to improve performance. He also intends to bring these improvements to the PS5 version via a future update.

Final fantasy xvi pc frame rate

Regarding PC-specfic features for Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida stated that the game will deliver better graphical fidelity and higher frame rates on a high end PC. He added that some hardware configurations will be able to run the game at frame rates over 100 fps in places. He mentioned that the development team is currently doing a lot of testing with regards to performance. He also revealed that the PC version will support ultra wide monitors.

Yoshida also revealed that Square Enix will soon release a playable demo for the PC version. Because there’s so many variables with hardware configurations in the PC space, the demo will give players the opportunity to test out the game and see how it performs on their systems. He mentioned that the PC version will include a lot of sliders to adjust lots of different graphical settings, suggesting that the game is scalable to a considerable degree.

Additionally, Yoshida mentioned that the PC port of Final Fantasy XVI will include other standard features specific to the platform, such as mouse and keyboard support. Furthermore, he recommended that anyone planning on playing the PC version should get a good SSD, as that will change the experience.

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