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Mass Effect 5 Development Leads Are Mainly Original Trilogy Veterans

The development leads behind EA and Bioware’s Mass Effect 5 are mainly series veterans who worked on the original trilogy.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age content creator kalaeliabeth took to Twitter/X to mention that the development leads behind Mass Effect 5 are mostly veterans who have worked on the original trilogy. She stated that several of the aforementioned developers have been at Bioware since the very beginning. As such, she believes that the next entry is in capable hands, and that those claiming everyone in the original development team is no longer a part of Bioware are being disrespectful to those who are still at the studio.

Mass effect 4 development

The information provided by the content creator was immediately put under doubt, and Twitter/X users asked her to provide a source for her claim. It was then that Michael Gamble, Project Director/Executive Producer on Mass Effect 5 at Bioware, stepped in to offer clarification on the matter. He mentioned that the Executive Producer (himself), the Art Director, the Creative Director, and the Game Director all all veterans who have worked on the original Mass Effect trilogy.

Based on this information, it certainly does sound like the next entry in the beloved Mass Effect series is in good hands. Though, it will likely be a while before fans will get to see the game in action.

During a recent episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb, who is known for his sources in the game industry, had stated that the recent teaser trailer for Mass Effect 5 merely shows person in a “cool” outfit walking down a hallway. According to him, the game is nowhere near release.

As per Grubb, the development timeline for Mass Effect 5 will be similar to that of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and, therefore, it won’t get a release before the year 2026. Co-host Tamoor Hussain also chimed in with what he had heard from his sources, based on which the Mass Effect 5 is so far away from release that it could be “in another galaxy right now”. It was also mentioned that a short teaser trailer was released because the development team wanted to do something for the fans on N7 Day.

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