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Starfield Details Leak Through A Bethesda Employee Revealing A Major Gameplay Feature

Starfield still doesn’t have gameplay footage although it is set to launch this month. Some details were recently leaked for it revealing new information.

Since there hasn’t been a lot of information shared on the game, fans are scrambling to get whatever they find online regarding any potential leaks. This includes any leaked screenshots or unverified information from an anonymous source. The most recent leak though comes from a Bethesda employee that has been verified to be working as a Character Artist at the studio.

The employee, who shared this information despite being under NDA had posted it on ResetEra message boards. He basically described his work experience in response to a question on the game and the studio in general while revealing an important gameplay feature that hasn’t been officially confirmed so far.


“It was [a] cool solid place to work, very secure. The engine is a piece of crap tho, ” said the Employee who posted under the nickname Hevy008. “Todd is a charismatic guy for sure. Starfield is looking good, weekly Thursday playtest since the beginning of the year, more and more stuff coming online. Shooting feels alright, flying is terrible atm imo just not fun to me. Lighting and stuff is [sic] looking better and better, tho its [sic] not on the level of HFW or anything like that but still a good looking game.”

“In terms of if it will ship on time, well they will try that’s for sure, they’ll cut what they did to etc, they have an overabundance of content, probably too much, so that’s not the issue, finding the fun and of course [sic] bug fixing is the big thing. It’s a sexy date tho and you only get one of those, beta is this summer, that’s when the picture will truly become clear. ”

His post was deleted but not before it was archived online. This basically confirms some major information on the game.

  • The engine is a little problematic
  • They are doing a weekly playtest and the game looks good
  • Flying starships is supposedly in although it feels terrible right now
  • It is a good looking game but not on the level of Horizon Forbidden West
  • There will be a beta this Summer
  • They have a lot of content in the game and they might get some cut to make the release date

Starfield is currently confirmed to launch for the Xbox Series and PC on November 11, 2022. It will also release day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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