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Starfield Fans Outraged Over Expensive DLC Price, Including $7 for A Single Mission

Fans of Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios’ action role-playing game, Starfield, are outraged over the game’s DLC price, including $7 for a single mission.

Starfield is being review bombed on Steam after the price of the new DLC content was revealed. Fans are unhappy about the way the Creations and Trackers Alliance missions have been priced, each of which costs $7. Many have highlighted that selling individual missions sets an unwanted precedent, and fear that Bethesda may eventually push for paid mods.

Starfield dlc price

In its June 9, 2024 update, Bethesda Game Studios introduced Creations for Starfield, which is essentially another name for new DLC content. According to the developer, Creations includes new missions, gear, skins, and weapons. New Trackers Alliance missions have been added as part of this new initiative. The first of these mission, titled Starjacker, will have players in contact with a mysterious Tracker located in settlements throughout the Settled Systems.

The second Trackers Alliance mission, The Vulture, is only available from the Creations menu, and is being sold for the price of $7. Those who opt to purchase it will need to pay $10 in order to acquire 1,000 Starfield Creation Credits. The mission itself costs 700 Creation Credits, which will leave you with 300 Creation Credits for future purchases. Fans are criticizing this DLC pricing model, pointing out that $7 for one mission in a game that is already very short on content is unjustified. Some are calling for these missions to be made free of cost, while others believe that this is a push from Bethesda for curated paid mods.

Starfield has had its fair share of ups and downs since launch. The game was rated lower than nearly all of Bethesda Softworks titles long before the recent spree of review bombings. Read about it here.

The game’s upcoming expansion, Shattered Space, is set for release later this year in 2024. As of writing, no information on its pricing is available.

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