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Starfield Features A Jail System, Lets Players Buy Homes Across Different Cities

Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming action role-playing game, Starfield, features a jail system, and the game will allow players to buy homes across different cities.

Speaking during a Q&A session on Discord, Starfield Design Directors Will Shen and Emil Pagliarulo revealed that the game feature a jail system, and that it will let players purchase multiple homes across different cities.

Starfield jail homes

Regarding the acquisition of property, Shen mentioned that there’s housing in different cities that the player can get. Some of them will need to be purchased by players while others will be given as rewards for specific quests. Pagliarulo added that it’s possible for players to acquire a dwelling in all the major cities featured in Starfield, and there’s at least one accommodation that can be acquired for completing a certain task that he refrained from revealing.

As for the jail system, Shen stated that players who don’t abide by the law will have the option of being sent to jail or paying a fine upon getting arrested. However, there’s also the possibility of resisting arrest and making an escape. Pagliarulo mentioned that the Settled Systems is more like Skyrim rather than Fallout 4’s Commonwealth in this regard. There’s civilization, there’s government, and there are laws. And in a couple cases, the game also explores the themes surrounding crime and punishment in a futuristic universe.

Additional details shared in the Q&A include the ability to hide illegal contraband on your ship with unique ship modules, various options for pacifist players (including dialogue and non-lethal weapons), and the option to recruit over 20 crew members.

Previous, multiple sources had reported that story spoilers for Starfield have been circulating online. As such, fans are advised to be cautious if they would like to avoid them. YouTuber and Twitter user DreamcastGuy claimed to have had the ending of Starfield appear on their timeline. According to them, the leaked footage included screenshots of late game story events. They added that, graphically speaking, the leaked footage looked “good”.

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