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Stellar Blade Director Comments On Censored Holiday Bunny Suit, Says Studio Is Discussing It Internally

The Stellar Blade director has shared his thoughts on censoring the Holiday bunny suit featured in Shift Up’s action adventure game.

During a Q&A session on the occasion of the launch of Stellar Blade, director Kim Hyung-tae was asked about the censored Holiday bunny suit, and whether there are plans to roll back to the version before the censorship. Additionally, he was asked whether he recognized the issue surrounding this matter.

Director’s answer to the change in the outfit[VIDEO]
byu/HeavyMachinegan instellarblade

In response, Kim mentioned that he understandably recognizes the issue at hand. However, he said that the final version of the Holiday bunny outfit that Shift Up had intended for players to see is the one found in version of Stellar Blade. He clarified that the latter is the final product.  Furthermore, he accepted that this answer would be seen as inadequate to convince the player base. According to him, there is an internal discussion currently ongoing at the studio on this matter, and it will have an official answer soon.

For those who are curious, the uncensored version of the Holiday bunny suit featured in Stellar Blade can still be accessed via retail copies of the game. Those who have access to a retail copy of Stellar Blade can see the uncensored version of the costume by running version 1.0 of the game off the disc without any updates installed. If you do have the latest update installed, simply uninstall and then re-install it via the disc, and cancel any update that may begin downloading. Should your PS5 make it mandatory to install the update before playing, simply disconnect from the internet in order to boot the game, and then re-connect afterwards.

Stellar Blade’s combat mechanics emphasize understanding enemy attack patterns and executing precise counters. Players fill Eve’s Beta Gauge by parrying and evading during combat, which can then be used to activate skills like piercing super armor and interrupting enemy combos. The game is currently available exclusively on PS5.

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