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Stellar Blade Dev Teases More Suits & Content Updates, Discusses Sequel Plans

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up has teased more suits and future content updates, and has also discussed plans for a sequel.

During an interview with Famitsu, Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung-tae was asked whether the game will receive more suits for the protagonist Eve in the future. In his response, he said that Shift Up is indeed planning to add more costumes beyond the May 24, 2024 update, and that it has long-term plan to continue delivering new content.

Stellar blade sequel

In response to a question regarding the arrival of a Photo mode in a future update, Kim said that the development team is interested in implementing the feature. However, the studio wants it to be done right, which will require a little more time. The team is looking into making the mode feature-rich. He further stated that Shift Up has a lot of “fun” updates coming in the future, though he didn’t share any details.

Kim was also asked about the possibility of a sequel to Stellar Blade, to which he responded by saying that the development team is currently looking into different approaches for a sequel. For example, he mentioned that it could be something that complements the main story or worldview, or it could be a completely different work. According to him, the studio is still in the process of evaluating such factors in order to decide what it wants to deliver and depict in the sequel.

For those who have yet to play Stellar Blade, the game was recently added as a reward for PlayStation Stars members. Members can now redeem their reward points in exchange for Shift Up’s action adventure game, though they would only be eligible if they have accumulated enough reward points. Stellar Blade will require a total of 17,500 reward points for redemption on PlayStation Stars. This is a hefty sum of points, so those who fall short may need to purchase another game on their wishlist to gather some additional points.

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