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Stellar Blade Won’t Offer A Photo Mode At Launch, May Be Added Later If There Is Demand

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up’s upcoming action adventure game, Stellar Blade, will not offer a photo mode at launch.

Speaking during an interview with Famitsu, Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung Tae was asked if the development team at Shift Up is planning on incorporating a photo mode in the game. In response, he mentioned that the game will not include a photo mode at launch. According to him, the studio is currently focused on polishing the title. As a result, it will not have a photo mode ready at launch.

Stellar blade photo mode

However, the Stellar Blade director added that if there are sufficient requests from players to include a photo mode, the development team will try its best to respond to them. He encouraged fans to send such feedback over to the studio.

In response to another question regarding the combat’s emphasis on parries and Just Dodges, Kim stated that, instead of going the usual hack and slash route with focus on unleashing spectacular combos by bombarding the enemy with attacks, the development team has opted to create a battle system where the key is to carefully read the enemy’s attacks, assess the battle situation, and respond accordingly, making choices in the moment. He added that, while Just Actions are important on their own, there are also parts in the game where they are the starting point for other things, such as filling up a gauge and connecting skills. According to him, once players get accustomed to the mechanic, they’ll be able to enjoy faster and smoother battles in Stellar Blade.

Regarding the game‘s character designs, Kim mentioned that they have been designed to make native speakers look disgusting, which is why their eyes are stuck in unexpected places. The stalker’s face is influenced by the design of the baroque-era sculpture. he added that there are many hidden elements among the game’s other natives, and he would like everyone who plays it to discover them on their own

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