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Stray Download Size, Pre-load Details, Day 1 Patch Notes Revealed

The pre-load date for Stray has been revealed, along with the game’s download size as well as the day 1 patch notes for update 1.02 on PS4 and 1.003 on PS5. The game is set for release on July 19, 2022.

For the uninitiated, Stray is a third-person adventure game featuring open world elements, with an emphasis on atmosphere, adventure, and art. Players assume control of a stray cat, which falls into a robot-populated world and sets out to find its family.

Stray pre-load

What Is The Pre-load Date For Stray?

Those who are subscribed to PS Plus Extra or have a digital pre-order in place for Stray are undoubtedly looking to pre-load the game prior to its release. Unfortunately, however, it appears that the game will not be available for preload. The only way to download the game early is as soon as it becomes available past midnight Eastern Time on July 19, 2022.

What Is The Download Size For Stray?

Stray is a relatively small game in terms of download size on both consoles, though it takes up an impressive 7.5 GB of storage space on the PS5, which is around half of the download size of the PS4 version.

The download size for Stray for PS4 and PS5 is as follows:

  • PS4: 13.352 GB (Version: 1.02)
  • PS5: 7.514 GB (Version: 1.003.000)

Stray Update Day 1 Patch Notes

Stray will come with the day 1 update installed when you download the game starting July 19. The game has been updated to version 1.02 on PS4 and version 1.003 on PS5.

The full patch notes for Stray are as follows:

  • Patch 1.02
    • Improved navigation in various places
    • Made some game scripts more robust when reloading checkpoints
    • Improved audio during cinematics
    • Polished audio sounds and general mix in throughout
    • Small graphical tweaks and fixes
    • Improved localization in several languages A LOT of collision fixes, naughty cat!
  • Patch 1.01
    • Localization has been improved in several languages
    • Supplemental vibration has been added throughout the game
    • Some Meows have been totally re-meowed
    • Stability has been improved during a few critical moments
    • Performance has been improved in a few demanding places
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