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Street Fighter 6 Update 1.011 Is Out With Balance Changes and New Fighter

Capcom has just released a new patch 1.011 for Street Fighter 6 that supports a new DLC fighter, Ed, and other minor changes.

The update introduces several quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to reflect the dummy’s control type in Training Mode, shortcut settings in Character Guides and Combo Trials, memory of outfit and color choices in Versus mode, and an option to select a Search Range for matchmaking in Battle Settings.

A dedicated throw button for Modern Controls has been added, along with various other tweaks to the gameplay mechanics.

Online functionalities have been improved, including Custom Room Battle Cabinet UI operations, claiming rewards beyond the maximum number of Rental Fighter tickets, adjustments to connection error messages, and enhancements to the Kudos system.

Several bug fixes have been implemented, including adjustments to emotes, Training Mode issues, and other minor bugs to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

The update also introduces a new mission for Ed in the World Tour mode, titled “Neo Shadaloo’s Leader,” set in the Metro City Urban Park at night. This has been the case with most of the new DLC characters in the game, as they can be found as “Masters” in the World Tour mode.

Street Fighter 6 Update 1.011 Patch Notes

Ed-themed Goods Shop Items Added:

  • Playable Character, ‘Ed’
  • Ed: Outfit 2
  • Ed: Colors 3–10
  • Challenge Customization, ‘Cartoonish: Ed’

World Tour:

  • Ed’s Master Missions and sub-missions added.

Fighting Ground:

  • Ed’s story added to Arcade Mode.
  • Ed-related commentary lines added.

Fighter Profile:

  • Ed-related Avatar poses added.


  • Ed-related club uniform and emblem parts added.

Other Goods Shop Items Added:

  • “Ruined Lab” stage
  • “Cute” Challenge Customization options
  • Avatar Gear: Racer Bundle, Wild Gunslinger Bundle

Fighting Ground Enhancements:

  • Training Mode dummy’s control type reflection.
  • Shortcut Settings and character name announcement in Character Guides and Combo Trials.
  • Outfit and color memory in Versus mode.
  • Search Range selection for matchmaking in Battle Settings.

Battle Adjustments:

  • Dedicated throw button for Modern Controls added.
  • Various gameplay tweaks.

Network Related Updates:

  • Online Custom Room Battle Cabinet UI fix.
  • Rental Fighter ticket reward claiming adjustment.
  • Connection error message adjustments.
  • Kudos addition for multiple match spectating.
  • Challenge list and completion adjustments.
  • Shop Fighter Coin Details time display.
  • Clubs name usage guidelines.
  • Street Voters conversation initiation with Eternity.

Bug Fixes:

  • Emote adjustments.
  • Training Mode damage display fix.

More detailed changes for the various character balances can be found here.

Ed will be followed by Akuma, which will mark the end of Season 1 for Street Fighter 6. Capcom has already confirmed that Season 2 of Street Fighter 6 will start in June. It will likely bring new fighters into the mix once the season pass concludes later this year.

Street Fighter 6 is out now for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series S|X.

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