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Super Mario RPG Resolution and Frame Rate Revealed For Nintendo Switch

Super Mario RPG is out today for the Nintendo Switch. It is a remake of a beloved classic. Here are the details on its resolution and frame rate.

Super Mario RPG was originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in May 1996. The game hasn’t been remade or released on any other major platforms for a while, this is why when Nintendo announced a complete remake for it, fans were taken by surprise.

Super Mario RPG Remake retains almost all aspects of what made the original special while bringing a modern touch to it. The performance and resolution of the game might be a point of concern for some users, so here are the details regarding it according to a video shared by Digital Foundry.

Digital Foundry has confirmed that the game manages to run at the native resolution on Nintendo Switch. This means it renders at 720p in the portable mode, and 1080p when playing in the docked mode. There doesn’t appear to be any signs that the game renders with dynamic resolution scaling, or use any other upscaling methods like FSR.

On the negative side of the image quality, the shadows are not of high quality and can show pixelation, while there is no anti-aliasing solution used for the game. Thankfully the art style of the game is well designed so the game doesn’t appear to suffer much from these obvious drawbacks.

On the performance front, the game appears to target 60 FPS and while it mains to run at this frame rate for majority of the game, there are occasional performance hiccups that do occur. The most obvious example of it can be seen in the opening of the game. In addition to this, some of the cinematics are pre-rendered but still run at 60 FPS.

Super Mario RPG is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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