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Tekken 8 Set to Receive Major Balance Overhaul in Patch 1.04

Bandai Namco has detailed the balance adjustments for Tekken 8 patch 1.04 (1.05 on PS5). These are significant changes covering all characters.

Patch 1.04 for TEKKEN 8 is scheduled to be released on May 7th, and it will bring various updates and improvements to the game. The patch will also implement some changes to the multiplayer functions in the game to address the frequent errors that plagued the ranked and quick matches. During the update, server maintenance will be carried out, which will render all online content temporarily unavailable.

With this update, new items will be introduced to the TEKKEN SHOP, including the “NINJA Pack” and “SHINOBI Pack,” which are costume sets for all characters. Additionally, players will have access to a legacy costume for Lili and a free avatar customization item.

The patch will also improve online gameplay by introducing network optimizations, like packet transmission and rollback processing, to ensure smoother matches. The logic behind the red icon that signals processing delays in the lower right corner during online matches has also been improved. Other refinements include changes to “PLAY STATS” for better clarity, and the “My Replay & Tips” feature now allows players to skip entrance and victory animations during replay playback. Furthermore, “Exciting Replay” will load faster after this patch.

tekken 8 1.05

Finally, the patch addresses specific bugs in character customization, such as customizing the “Kijin Face Guard” and “Surgical Mask” for Reina simultaneously, and a bug that affected the upper body skin color in character customization.

Patch Notes For Tekken 8 Update 1.04

Note: This Tekken 8 update will be released as Patch 1.05 On PS5

New items added to the TEKKEN SHOP:

  • New costume packs “NINJA Pack” and “SHINOBI Pack” available for all playable characters.
  • A legacy costume for “Lili” is now available.
  • One free avatar customization item.

Functional improvements and bug fixes:

  • Optimization of packet transmission and reception as well as rollback processing during online matches.
  • Improved logic for detecting processing delay displayed as red icon in the bottom right corner of the screen during online matches.
  • Improved parameter names for each item in “PLAY STATS” for better clarity.
  • Improvement made to “My Replay & Tips” allowing players to skip entrance and victory animations during replay playback.
  • Optimized loading times in “Exciting Replay.”
  • Fixed an issue in “Character Customization” where it was possible to customize both “Kijin Face Guard” and “Surgical Mask” for Reina simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug in “Character Customization” where the skin color of the upper body was not as intended.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Behavior/properties of moves will be adjusted for some characters.

You can read the character-specific adjustments from the list shared on the official website.

Let us know what you think about these new changes in the comments below.

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