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Tekken 8 Microtransaction Price Confirmed, Post-Launch Updates Detailed

The microtransaction price for the premium shop in Bandai Namco Entertainment’s latest fighting game, Tekken 8, have been confirmed, and the game’s post-launch updates have also been detailed.

In the recent Tekken Talk Live stream, Tekken Project Chief Director Katsuhiro Harada, Game Director Kohei Ikeda, Producer Michael Murray, and Marketing Producer Yasuda Esports have shared details regarding the microtransaction price for premium content that will be available via the Tekken Shop in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 microtransaction price

Murray mentioned that free items will still be available in the Tekken Shop, though they will not be the most appealing. Furthermore, paid content will be sold via a premium currency known as Tekken Coins. He claimed that the shop’s pricing will not be as offensive as other modern premium stores. According to him, every premium costume will cost 400 Tekken Coins, which is around around 3.99 US Dollars. He said that premium costumes will include classic costumes from earlier titles in the series, such as Jun’s Tag 2 outfit.

As for future DLC characters, the development team stated that there is currently no confirmed release date for Eddy Gordo or any of the other characters who will be added to the roster in future. It was also mentioned that all new characters will be available for free in the practice mode.

Regarding future updates, it was mentioned that the next update for Tekken 8 will  prioritize bug fixes over balance adjustments. Additionally the development team said that the ability to play in practice mode with friends is currently in development. Efforts are also underway to address plugger behavior, with potential long-term consequences such as blacklisting or permanent bans for offenders.

Regarding the addition of new features, the development team stated that Tekken 8 is unlikely to receive a Tag mode. They mentioned that there’s a possibility Eddy will replace Kazuya as the default main menu character in future. A Photo mode is also in the works, and it will allow players to showcase their customization. The development team is also exploring additional online modes beyond rank and quick match, such as 3v3 or 5v5 modes, though their availability will depend on player interest. Other planned additions include a Ghost vs Ghost mode, where players will be able to pit their ghost AI against each other, and story expansion for DLC characters, which will be free for all owners of the game.

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