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Tekken 8 Review Embargo, Pre-load Date & Download Size Revealed

Details regarding the review embargo, pre-load date and download size for Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming fighting game, Tekken 8, have been revealed.

It has been revealed that the review embargo for Tekken 8 is expected to be lifted next week early morning (PT) on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, a day ahead of the game’s release on January 26, 2024. Fans can, therefore, look forward to hearing what critics have to say about the latest entry in the popular and long running fighting game franchise.

Tekken 8 review embargo

Tekken 8 Pre-load Date

The pre-load date for Tekken 8 on PlayStation platforms can be seen below.

  • January 23, 2024 11 PM UTC

Tekken 8 Download Size

The download size for Tekken 8 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms can be seen below.

  • PS5: 80.137 GB
  • Xbox: 95 GB
  • PC: 86.5 GB

Those who have pre-ordered a digital copy of Tekken 8 can pre-load the game on PS5 starting January 24, 2024. The digital pre-load should come with the latest update pre-installed, although a day one update may be rolled out closer to the game’s launch. Additionally, the game’s download size is rather substantial on both Xbox and PC, weighing in at 95 GB and 86.5 GB, respectively. It is recommended that those who will be downloading the game should clear out some storage space in advance. Meanwhile, those who opted for physical copies of Tekken 8 will need to download the latest patch upon installation.

Tekken 8 is the eighth main and tenth overall installment in the Tekken series. Its gameplay will emphasize aggressiveness, rewarding offensive players over defensive ones. The game introduces a new game system called “Heat,” providing chip damage, additional movesets, and altering the properties of certain character moves, including a heavy guard break. Fighters can dash cancel designated moves into the Heat State, and the timer can be stopped by actively using moves. Guarding against heavy attacks or characters in Heat State inflicts chip damage, enabling health bar regeneration. Recoverable health can only be regained by attacking opponents, differing from the Tag mode-only regeneration system in Tekken Tag Tournament games. Additionally, Tekken 8 brings back the Rage system from Tekken 7, but with notable changes. The Rage Drive is now separated and reworked as “Heat Smash,” a move within the “Heat” system.

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