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The Callisto Protocol Street Date Broken; First Review Gives Perfect Score & Reveals Game Length

The street date for The Callisto Protocol has been broken and copies are out in the wild, while the game gets its first perfect score in an early review, which also reveals its length.

Reset Era member SinkFla shared a photo The Callisto Protocol being available on sale at a local Walmart, suggesting that the game has randomly broken street date in some places. As seen in the screenshot below, both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game are available on the store shelf.

The callisto protocol street date

Meanwhile, the game received an early review from Yahoo UK a few days before the lifting of its review embargo. However, this was likely done in error, as the webpage was promptly deleted. A screenshot of some of the review text as well as the review score was captured, however. The Callisto Protocol review in question received a perfect score, and the accompanied text revealed that the game takes around 12-14 hours to finish.

Previously, database entries for the pre-load date, download size, and the most recent update for the PS5 version of The Callisto Protocol were revealed.

The Callisto Protocol is a third-person narrative-driven survival horror game that takes place 300 years in the future and lets players take control of Jacob Lee, a prisoner who has been sent to the maximum-security Black Iron Prison on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. The player must fight their way to safety in order to escape Black Iron Prison as inmates start to mutate into monstrous creatures, all the while learning the sinister and unsettling secrets of Callisto.

Jacob is controlled from a third-person viewpoint, and the majority of gameplay data is shown on a holographic HUD that is also seen from this viewpoint. A “Core Device” implant on the back of Jacob’s neck serves as a health indicator, and injection-style pickups can restore his health. There is a melee combat system in addition to gun-based combat, and in this system, Jacob must avoid enemy attacks while searching for opportunities to strike and eventually kill the enemy with a variety of implements. Enemies can lose their limbs during combat or be decapitated.

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