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The Day Before Achieves 100K Sales Despite Nearly 50% of Purchases Being Refunded

Sales of Mytona and Fntastic’s multiplayer survival horror extraction shooter, The Day Before, managed to surpass 100,000 copies after nearly 50% refunds.

After announcing the closure of Fntastic due to “financially failure”, CEO, Gotovtsev Eduard Innokentievich posted an internal teams message on their Discord, detailing that sales of the PC exclusive The Day Before have amounted to 109,382 copies on Steam after 50% (91,694 copies) refunds. The game received 19% positive and 81% negative reviews on Valve’s platform.

The day before sales refunds

According to Eduard, The Day Before “failed financially” and the project did not pay off. He added that it is necessary to maintain Nitrado servers via a contract of $1 million.

Meanwhile, Reddit user EpicStory1989 highlighted that almost every asset used in The Day Before was taken from the Unreal Engine Store.

How To Get The Day Before Refunded On Steam

Reddit user EpicStory1989 shared a guide to help others who have purchased The Day Before in getting their refund. The automatic refund feature will automatically deny Steam users a refund after 2 hours, therefore opening a manual ticket is the only way. They mentioned that there are no guarantees that their method will work. However, it appears to be one of the best ways to give users a chance to have the game refunded. The steps outlined by them can be seen below:

  1. Open a ticket with steam, and specifically, link the Forbes Article explaining the game is a Scam as well as the steam early access documentation that lists the rules. The Fntastic tweet mentioning the studio closure will help as well.
  2. Explain clearly the problems you have had, and the issues with the game.
  3. Do not talk about legalities, as support is usually quite good and willing to help for genuine tickets. However, when you start mentioning matters pertaining to the law, you become less credible.
  4. It can be helpful to mention the ‘Bait and Switch’ nature of the release and perhaps present some marketing materials or YouTube videos etc. showcasing the game prior to launch and what it looks like on release.
  5. It is extremely uncommon to get a refund in cash to your PayPal/Credit Card/original method of payment after 2 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to request a Steam wallet refund, as it is more likely to be accepted. Since Fntastic announced closing the studio, it may still be worth asking for your original payment method.
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