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The Last Guardian Studio Hints At New Game Announcement In 2023

The studio behind The Last Guardian, genDESIGN, has hinted at a brand new game announcement coming this year in 2023.

In its new year’s greeting on Twitter, the studio behind The Last Guardian, genDESIGN, is hinting at a new game announcement to come this year in 2023. According to the studio, 2023 is finally the year where it can deliver news regarding what its been working on to fans. The development team is doing its best, and asks its fans to look forward to what it has to share this year.

The last guardian studio announcement 2023

In its message, genDESIGN thanked fans for their continued support throughout the year. The studio also took the opportunity to share a number of job openings, and stated that it is looking for colleagues regardless of career or experience for the project currently under development.

Last year, genDESIGN’s unannounced project received a high-resolution screenshot, which was originally teased via a greetings card back in 2021. Closer inspection of the artwork shows the protagonist wearing a robe and leaning against giant what appears to be a mechanical structure that gives sci-fi vibes. The setting appears to be dystopian, but if there are indeed such elements, this would be Ueda’s first sci-fi project. The prospects of that alone could lead to some very exciting gameplay prospects from the makers of Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.

Jinji Horagai and Fumito Ueda established genDesign back in 2011 upon leaving Sony. However, they remained under contract to finish work on The Last Guardian. Since its release in 2016, they have been working on a brand-new game. As part of a publishing deal that Epic Games and genDesign announced last year, genDesign’s new project is being funded by Epic Games.

The studio’s previous title, The Last Guardian, much like its predecessors Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, is a third-person game that combines action-adventure and puzzle elements. The player takes control of an unknown boy who must work with a creature that is part bird, half mammal to solve puzzles and explore different regions. Trico is the name of the creature, which may be translated as “prisoner,” “baby bird,” or a combination.

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