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The Last Of Us Part II Director’s Cut May Be In Development

A Director’s Cut for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II may be in development, based on the latest information.

Speaking during an interview for a Spanish YouTube channel, The Last of Us Part II composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, hinted at the possibility of a Director’s Cut or remastered version of the game being in development for PS5.

The last of us part ii director's cut

During the interview, the interviewer mentioned to Santaolalla that he really appreciates seeing an in-game rendition of the composer in The Last of Us Part 2. Santaolalla responded by mentioning that in the “new version” of the game, players can actually go up to his in-game rendition and ask him to play certain songs. He then said that he could not give any further details. 

Santaolalla speaking of a new version of The Last of Us Part II suggests that the game may be getting a Director’s Cut or a remastered version of some sort. It may also be getting some extra content, given how Santaolalla mentioned a more interactive version of himself who can play some songs. It remains to be seen what other new additions developer Naughty Dog has in store for the game’s fans. The Last of Us Part II should eventually arrive on PC, and there’s no better way of porting the game over than having a brand new version with updated visuals and features.

Previously, game developers from throughout the industry shared their thoughts on the $200M+ development budget of The Last of Us Part II. According to a poorly-redacted declaration recently submitted by Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Last of Us Part II has a development budget of over $200 million. It was developed by over 200 full-time employees with a budget of $220 million. Various game developers from across the industry took to Twitter to offer their perspective on such gigantic budgets, including their sustainability in the long run.

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