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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Review – Massacred by Daylight

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game crafted by the seasoned developers at Sumo Digital, in collaboration with Gun Interactive. The game brings forth an intriguing amalgamation of horror cinema’s iconic past and the dynamics of contemporary gaming.

Taking a cue from its previous work, Friday the 13th, the developer has aimed for a more refined approach in this outing. The result is a multiplayer experience that challenges your survival instincts and the tactical prowess needed to outwit your foes. In this digital rendition of the classic slasher tale, you are offered the choice to don the mantle of either a survivor, desperate to escape the clutches of a monstrous family, or one of the nightmarish members of said family, united by their sinister desire to snuff out the lives of the unsuspecting.

From the onset, it is evident that the gameplay mechanics have been designed to mirror the experience of a horror narrative. Placing yourself in the shoes of the survivors, you must navigate a labyrinth-like level, constantly seeking means of evasion and survival. The tension is palpable as you tiptoe through dimly lit corridors, cautiously avoiding the glimmers of danger that may lurk around any corner. This evokes a sense of vulnerability, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you strategize your every move.

However, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s true innovation lies in its unorthodox approach to asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay. The game forges a connection between your fears and your strategies, putting your skills to the ultimate test. The survivors must work collaboratively, orchestrating ambushes and assigning responsibilities to survive the relentless onslaught of the merciless family. The game is at its best when teamwork is in effect, and it does a good job of facilitating it.

In contrast, stepping into the shoes of the dreaded family of killers brings forth a wholly different experience. It’s here that players get to channel their inner Leatherface, the iconic chainsaw-wielding villain. What sets it game apart is the inclusion of not just one, but three killers, each with their own distinct abilities that complement the others. Much like with the survivors, teamwork is also encouraged here albeit for reasons pertaining to deception and brutality. The emphasis on cooperation among the killers establishes an intricate dynamic, where strategy and synergy become essential for thwarting the survivors’ escape plans.

Diving deeper into the game’s mechanics, it becomes evident that meticulous attention has been paid to every aspect. Grandpa, for example, a character who cannot be controlled directly, but whose role is critical, introduces a layer of suspense and strategy. The interplay of sound as a strategic element becomes a recurring theme. It becomes a constant tug-of-war between silence and chaos, as players must carefully balance their actions and movements to remain undetected or strategically locate their prey.

Moreover, the gameplay is further deepened with the addition of special abilities. Survivors can employ their unique abilities to escape or mislead their assailants, while the killers can use theirs to amplify their predatory prowess. Each character’s skills are carefully curated to create diverse gameplay scenarios, adding depth to the overall experience. Additionally, the game rewards players with experience points, paving the way for skill progression that elevates their efficiency and effectiveness in the game.

In terms of audiovisual quality, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre closely follows the 70s era horror atmosphere of the original film. The family of killers is brought to life with eerie and expressive character models, capturing the essence of their sinister motives. Each map comes with its own sinister charm, while ambient sounds and subdued music perpetuate the unsettling ambiance. It’s a testament to the development team’s dedication in creating an immersive horror experience that resonates with the franchise’s legacy.

The game is not without its share of shortcomings, however. While the maps themselves are well-designed, their relatively low number is concerning for the game’s longevity. The tutorials, often essential for understanding complex mechanics, suffer from repetitiveness and inadequate explanation, leaving players to grapple with the mechanics through trial and error. Additionally, while the basement, which serves as the initial hunting ground for one of the killers, adds a thrilling twist, the potential for overly short matches can lead to a frustrating and unsatisfying experience for both sides, if not kept in balance.

Despite these drawbacks, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre surpasses its predecessor with its ability to evoke a genuine sense fear, urge players to think and adapt, and offer an asymmetrical multiplayer environment that thrives on teamwork and strategy. While the game does suffer from some issues, long-term support should hopefully ensure that they are eventually taken care of.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Information

  • Price: $39.99
  • Publisher: Gun Media
  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Platform: PS5 (Reviewed)
  • Disclaimer: A review code was given by the publisher


A few noteworthy issues aside, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre surpasses its predecessor by delivering a thrilling and engaging asymmetrical multiplayer horror experience.

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