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Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line Wont Have Native PS5 Version

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line won’t be getting a native PS5 version, and players will be limited to the PS4 version running via backward compatibility.

The Japanese Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line Twitter account has revealed that PS5 users will only be able to play the PS4 version of the game on PS5 using the console’s backward compatibility with PS4 software. The developer has further stated that there is no native PS5 version due to the retro-styled nature of the game, implying that it didn’t need a native PS5 version in order to deliver the best possible experience on the current-gen console.

Theatrhythm final bar line ps5

Fans will also note that there is no native PS5 version of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. The developer has mentioned that the same applies in this case, where a native PS5 version is not required due to the type of game it is.

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is packed with 385 carefully selected music tracks from across the whole FINAL FANTASY series. Popular songs from over 40 different games, including the most recent soundtracks from the main series, including Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XV, as well as remakes, spin-offs, and various soundtrack CDs, are included as part of Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line.

In Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, players will have the opportunity to put together the party of their dreams with over 100 characters to choose from. They’ll be able to meet cute versions of many classic characters and monsters from the series, as exciting RPG battles play out alongside the rhythm action. In addition, two players locally can complete stages in Pair Style, while up to four players can battle it out in the Online Multi-Battle mode.

The game also features a music player and theatre modes that let you watch movies and listen to music without being interrupted by the rhythm game action.

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