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Fans Speculate Troy Baker As The Voice Actor Behind The Male Protagonist In GTA VI

Grand Theft Auto fans are speculating the voice actor behind the male protagonist in GTA VI, and they may be on to something.

The male protagonist spoke a total of one word during the debut GTA VI trailer, and, apparently, it is enough for diehard fans to speculate that the voice actor behind him is likely none other than Troy Baker.

Gta vi male protagonist voice actor

GTA VI features a male and female duo as its protagonists. Lucia is the name of the female protagonist, while the male protagonist’s name remains unknown. Going by the trailer, the two seemingly have a Bonnie-and-Clyde relationship of love and crime.

The only thing we get to hear the unnamed male protagonist say during the trailer is the word “trust”. Based on this, some fans believe that that Troy Baker is the voice actor behind him, while others speculate that it may be Brent Antonello. If it is indeed the latter, it would be his very first role as a voice actor in a video game. It’s hard for anyone to say who the voice actor behind the male protagonist may be based on just one word, but Troy Baker would be a great choice nevertheless, as he is a seasoned voice actor in the game industry.

Recently, Javier Altman, Senior Gameplay Animator at Rockstar Games, took to Twitter/X to express his disappointment over the GTA VI trailer getting leaked early. He mentioned that he had been looking forward to watching the game’s reveal along with his fellow teammates and coworkers at Rockstar Games as per the planned schedule. He stated that he felt him and the rest of the development team deserved that moment after all the hard work that they have undoubtedly put it. While eager fans are always on the lookout for leaks, it’s a shame to see them happen, as they ruin the moment for those who have dedicated their time and effort towards such anticipated game reveals.

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