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GTA VI Developer Expresses Disappointment Over Leaked Trailer Incident

A developer behind Rockstar Games’ GTA VI has expressed their disappointment over the trailer getting leaked ahead of schedule.

Javier Altman, Senior Gameplay Animator at Rockstar Games, took to Twitter/X to express his disappointment over the GTA VI trailer getting leaked early. He mentioned that he had been looking forward to watching the game’s reveal along with his fellow teammates and coworkers at Rockstar Games as per the planned schedule. He stated that he felt him and the rest of the development team deserved that moment after all the hard work that they have undoubtedly put it.

Gta vi trailer leaked

While eager fans are always on the lookout for leaks, it’s a shame to see them happen, as they ruin the moment for those who have dedicated their time and effort towards such anticipated game reveals. Nevertheless, the trailer has been a massive success over social media, amassing nearly 50 million views on YouTube alone within a matter of hours.

The GTA VI debut trailer offers a first look at the world map, a real life comparison between the game’s State of Leonida and real life Florida, as well as some rather interesting Easter Eggs. The Vice City world map is shown in the trailer via an overhead view of several of the game’s locations. A comparison has also been drawn between a Google Maps based image of Royal Palm South Beach in Miami, Florida and a similar location featured in the trailer.

The GTA series is known for its commentary on modern culture and society, and GTA VI appears to be no different. References in the trailer include a tattoo-faced convict that looks eerily similar to the Florida ‘Joker’ as well as a reference to the ‘Florida Man’ meme.

GTA VI is set for release sometime in the year 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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