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Early GTA VI Leak Allegedly Detailed World Map & Gameplay Long Before Reveal Trailer

An early GTA VI leak had allegedly detailed information regarding the game’s world map and gameplay long before its reveal trailer.

Back in 2019, a Reddit user who claimed to have done QA testing for Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA VI had apparently revealed accurate details regarding the latter’s world map and gameplay. They mentioned that they tested the gameplay mechanics and exploration in their early stages, and claimed to have seen and done “a lot of things” in the game.

Gta vi gameplay world map

According to the Reddit user, the 6th mainline entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is reusing/building off the skybox in Red Dead Redemption 2, as it puts heavy emphasis on air travel. They claimed to have flown a military jet and mentioned that the world from above is “truly a marvel”.

Regarding the map, they mentioned that the playable game territory encompasses two major cities. Carter City is a “dirty” East Coast area based on Boston, MA and Vice City is based on Miami, Florida. They said that the satire surrounding some of the historic US landmarks they discovered had got a laugh out of them. They were told that a historic tours would be a side attraction in the game. There is also an abundance of towns shanties, waterfronts, suburbs, hideouts and wildemess between the two cities, and a military base in the Florida region.

The leak also stated that the aesthetic of Vice City areas is very similar to the bayou and Gaurma from Red Dead Redemption 2. They said that the water effects are on par with Sea of Thieves. They felt very overwhelmed exploring such a huge and richly detailed game world, and were, therefore, unable to remember everything. The city is comprised of many roads and large spaces. They mentioned that it will take players many long hours to memorize the map without relying on the radar.

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