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GTA VI Trailer World Map, Real Life Comparison & Easter Eggs Detailed

The debut trailer for Rockstar Games’ GTA VI has been released, and here’s a first look at the world map, a real life comparison between the game’s State of Leonida and real life Florida, as well as some Easter Eggs you may have missed.

Previously, fans had put together a rough sketch of the world map featured in GTA VI based on leaked clips, but we now have a more thorough look at the game’s Vice City locations as well as some rather interesting Easter Eggs, courtesy of the debut trailer.

Gta vi world map easter eggs

GTA VI Vice City World Map Revealed

The Vice City world map is shown in the debut GTA VI trailer via an overhead view of several of the game’s locations, as seen in the screenshots below. The locations seen in the last two screenshots appear to be modern takes on Starfish Island and the Ocean Beach area from 2002’s Vice City.

Gta vi world map easter eggs Gta vi world map easter eggs Gta vi world map easter eggs

GTA VI Leonida vs Real Life Florida Comparison

A comparison between a Google Maps based image of Royal Palm South Beach in Miami, Florida and a similar location from the GTA VI debut trailer can be seen below.

GTA VI Easter Eggs

The GTA series is known for its commentary on modern culture and society, and GTA VI appears to be no different. References in the trailer include a tattoo-faced convict that looks eerily similar to the Florida ‘Joker’ as well as a reference to the ‘Florida Man’ meme. These references are detailed in the screenshots below.

Previously, it was reported that Rockstar Games is developing a new technology for water physics, which will be integrated into GTA VI. The team responsible for this endeavor is known as the “RAGE Technology Group,” a division of the Rockstar San Diego studio that created the company’s proprietary engine back in 2006. This team comprises approximately twenty engineers, with expertise in programming, real-time physics simulation, memory padding considerations, linear algebra, trigonometry, matrix, and quaternion mathematics. After months of research, experimentation, and optimization, the engineers at the California based studio have successfully implemented real-time simulation of water in an open-world game.

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