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Until Dawn Remake vs. Original Comparison Highlights If This Is A Worthy Upgrade

Until Dawn is getting a remake which always felt like an odd choice since the original still looks pretty good, is it worth the upgrade?

Sony has debuted a new gameplay trailer for Until Dawn Remake giving us a look at the new visuals of the game. Here is a comparison of the new scenes in the game to the ones in the original.

The original Until Dawn apparently used Guerrilla Game’s Decmia Engine and it struggled to run well on the base PS4 model. It was also locked to 30 FPS but even a Pro didn’t exactly offer a smoother experience.

The new Until Dawn Remake is using Unreal Engine 5 which is a big improvement considering the new technology that the developers are using for it. The cinematics and cutscenes appear to have been kept the same but the lighting and the composition of some of the cutscenes have undergone a significant change.

The character models are now highly detailed with their facial structure aligning with their environment and the stressful conditions that they go through in the game. Dirt and sweat are visible on the faces of the characters, which adds to the tension. The environment also looks noticeably better now with the new lighting impacting how shadows are cast.

Gameplay-wise, it is harder to see if any noticeable change has been made since the trailer that was released is mostly full of cutscenes, but the bump in visuals is clear to see. While it might feel like an unnecessary remake, this will also be the first time the IP is debuting on the PC which has been the home of such horror adventure games for the past decade.

Until Dawn Remake is being developed by Ballistic Moon and it is set to launch on PS5 and PC in Fall 2024.

Salal Awan

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