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Valiant Hearts: Coming Home Is Headed To PC

Ubisoft Monpellier’s 2D side-scrolling adventure/puzzle game, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, is headed to PC, based on the latest information.

In a new listing filed on January 26, 2024, the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has rated Valiant Hearts: Coming Home for PC. As per the Game Rating classification in Korea, the game has been rated 12+, and is therefore suitable for 12 year olds and above.

Valiant hearts coming home pc

This is the first indication of the mobile game being ported over to other platforms. While the listing is only mentions PC, it’s likely that Valiant Hearts: Coming Home will also find its way to current-gen consoles. The game was originally distributed by Netflix for its platform, and was made available for Android and iOS devices.

The narrative in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home focuses on four characters brought together by a shared objective: reuniting two brothers separated by war. Set in the aftermath of Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which unfolds during World War I, the story portrays four uncelebrated heroes grappling with the stark realities of war, emphasizing themes of survival, sacrifice, and friendship. The game honors the Harlem Hellfighters, the pioneering African-American infantry regiment of World War I that broke racial barriers both domestically and internationally. James, an American soldier and Freddie’s brother, enlisted in the army with the hope of reuniting with his sibling. A jazz-loving musician proficient in playing the clarinet.

Ernst, a German diver, faced the sinking of his ship during the war. Rescued by the crew of the Germania, a trading submarine, he became the sole German onboard when the submarine was claimed by the German army, compelling him to enlist. Anna, a Belgian nurse, remains steadfast in her quest to locate her father. George, a British pilot in the Royal Flying Corps, falsely claimed flying expertise during enlistment, and, in reality, lacks the skills to operate a plane. Walt, a Doberman Pinscher, serves as the dog of a German medic. He plays a role in the interactions with each character throughout their adventures.

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