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Valve’s New Game Deadlock Screenshots & Gameplay Details Leaked, Features Bioshock Infinite Inspired Floating Rails

The first screenshots and details on gameplay for Valve’s new competitive shooter, Deadlock, have been leaked ahead of an official announcement.

Previously known as Neon Prime and Citadel, Deadlock is Valve’s foray into hero-based shooters. Not much has been known about the game up until now. The leaked information appears to have emerged via the game’s ongoing Closed Alpha.

Deadlock screenshots

Deadlock Leaked Screenshots

Leaked Deadlock screenshots from the game’s Closed Alpha can be seen below.

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Deadlock Gameplay Details Revealed

Deadlock is a hero-based shooter that is played from the third-person perspective, and features 6 vs 6 battles on large maps with 4 lanes. Gameplay is said to involve usable abilities and items. It also borrows elements from tower defense games. It features a fantasy-themed setting that has steampunk elements thrown into the mix. Players can expect the game to include a variety of creatures, magicians, and robots. Taking a page out of Bioshock Infinite’s book, Deadlock also features floating rails for quickly maneuvering from one area to another.

Based on the above description, Valve’s upcoming shooter appears to combine gameplay elements from DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, Bioshock Infinite, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, and Orcs Must Die to deliver an apparently unique PvP experience. The hero designs also appear to be inspired from characters seen in the DOTA universe. The fantasy/steampunk setting is also familiar in that it reminds of the Half-Life series. The game was said to have included sci-fi elements, but negative feedback led to the development team removing them.

As seen from the screenshots above, one of the heroes featured in Deadlock is known as Grey Talon. The character specializes in delivering long-range skill shots. In addition to lethal precision, Grey Talon players can use traps and clever positioning in order to take down their opponents.

YouTuber Tyler McVicker mentioned that Deadlock’s Closed Alpha was initially only available to friends and family members of Valve employees, but invites have now been sent out more widely. Competitive content creators have also been invited to play, though they are currently under NDA and, therefore, can’t share their impressions for now.

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