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Former Xbox Executive Applauds PlayStation First Party Games As “Bangers”

Former Xbox executive Mike Ybarra has applauded PlayStation first party games as “bangers” that are worth celebrating.

The former Blizzard Entertainment CEO and Xbox executive took to Twitter/X to share his thoughts on the recently released PC version of PlayStation first party title Horizon Forbidden West. He praised Nixxes Software, the studio that handled the port, saying that it features the best graphics he’s seen in a long, long time. He added that the port plays great with the latest PC tech.

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Another Twitter/X user jokingly responded to him by suggesting that his views are indicative of him looking to get hired by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In his response, Ybarra mentioned that he is merely catching up on his backlog of games. He said that others shouldn’t be mad about PlayStation making bangers, and that they should instead be celebrating it. In his view, Sony Interactive has under promised and over delivered, and it’s something they’ve been doing in the games department for years.

Ybarra is certainly entitled to his positive views towards PlayStation first party titles, we feel that Sony Interactive Entertainment has over promised and under delivered so far in the current console generation with the PS5. Some of its leading first party studios, such as Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch Productions, have yet to release a PS5 title that isn’t a remaster or a remake of their prior work. That said, there are also studios like Insomniac Games that have consistently been delivering PS5 titles since the console’s launch in 2020. Ultimately, we’ll leave it up to our readers to decide whether they agree or disagree with Ybarra’s comments.

The PC version of Horizon Forbidden West has added support for some of the latest PC tech, as Ybarra stated, but it didn’t include support for the most prominent feature in PC graphics tech i.e. ray tracing. Recently, a developer shared why this was the case. Read about it here.

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