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Xbox Games With Gold March 2023 Lineup Revealed

The Xbox Live Games With Gold lineup for the month of March 2023 has been announced by Microsoft. Here are the latest additions to the game libraries of subscribers.

Despite being long eclipsed by Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Live Games With Gold service is still active and going strong. Microsoft has previously added two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games to the service each month, though it is no longer offering them since October 2022. Both of these games can be played on any of the existing Xbox platforms, including the Xbox Series X/S via backward compatibility.

Xbox games with gold march 2023

Xbox Games With Gold For March 2023

In the month of March 2023, Xbox Games With Gold offers the following lineup:

Trüberbrook is a thrilling mystery-sci-fi adventure game. Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960’s parallel universe. The game offers a sci-fi mystery adventure with handmade scenery. Players will assume the role of a young American scientist named Hans Tannhauser.

Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time tactics video game set in World War II. It is the fourth standalone release and the fifth game in the Sudden Strike series. It is the first game produced by Kite Games, a group of seasoned video game creators. It was initially supposed to be released for PC and PlayStation 4 on June 27, 2017, but the game was subsequently delayed to August.

There are three campaigns (German, Allied, or Soviet) in the single-player mode, each with over 20 missions, and support for modding is forthcoming. The various campaigns’ missions are all based on actual World War II battles and invasions. In the German campaign, for instance, the player controls the Wehrmacht during Operation Barbarossa, the Battle of France, the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk, and the Battle of the Bulge. The game’s tutorial and the lead-in to the German campaign are both The Invasion of Poland.

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