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Xbox Is Working On Two Different Games With ‘Dragons’ In Them

A new report that comes from Jeff Grubb, editor of GamesBeat, suggests that Xbox Game Studios is working on two different games with dragons in them.

Why is this significant, you ask? For starters, if a game has dragons this implies that it could be some medieval fantasy setting like in Skyrim. We already know from earlier rumors that suggested that one of these projects will be developed by IO Interactive. Their job listings also suggest that they are working on a fantasy game. Jeff dropped this new tidbit during a podcast interview.

This game, according to the rumors, will be developed and published by Xbox Global Publishing, which is basically a partnership between Microsoft and other third-party studios–which in this case is IO Interactive. We don’t know when this project will be shown to the public, but it is being worked on as IOI is still hiring for it.

Hitman 3

IO Interactive are the developers behind the critically acclaimed Hitman series and they had a lot of success with the newest entry. They are also working on a new James Bond game and based on this rumor, they could be working on a new Destiny-lite game for the Xbox Global Publishing. This game would feature dragons as well, but we have no idea in what capacity and for what purpose.

The second game that is apparently in development is from a different developer. Again, just like the IO Interactive project, this one involves dragons. It is supposed to be an MMO. Again, the emphasis here is on ‘sorta’ as implied by Jeff Grubb that it could be something else. Both of these games sound like they are far off from actually showing so this will be a long wait. If you like dragons, you will enjoy having them. Too bad if you like Dinosaurs since Capcom still doesn’t see the appeal in a new Dino Crisis.

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