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Yakuza Zero and Kiwami Deluxe Edition Upgrade Is Free On PC

Yakuza Zero and Kiwami owners on PC can avail free upgrade to the deluxe version of the game, Sega has confirmed. Here’s how you can claim it.

Yakuza series debuted on PC with the prequel Zero followed by Kiwami 1 and 2. While it will take some time for every game in the series to come to PC, as it only just happened for the PS4 with the Yakuza Remastered collection, it hasn’t slowed down the sales for the game.

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Sega is now offering a massive sale on Steam called “Best of Japan” sale. To celebrate this sale, they are offering owners of Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Kiwami to upgrade their original version to the deluxe edition free of cost.

yakzua zero deluxe edition upgrade

Anyone who has the standard edition of these games will get the deluxe upgrade for free. This will also unlock alternate library art. Here’s how you can change the library art for these games on Steam.

  • Right-click on the game in your Library and select Properties
  • Go to local files tab, and browse local files
  • Locate the “Extras” under “Library Assets”

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To change the banner for any game, go to your Steam library and right-click on the banner that you want to change. Pick the Steam folder and find the “Library Assets” under “Extras” to change to the new animated banner.

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