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Alan Wake 2 Is Remedy’s Most Ambitious Project Yet, Will Deliver A Genuine Survival Horror Experience

Alan Wake 2 is set to be developer Remedy’s most ambitious project to date, and the game will offer a genuine survival horror experience.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Remedy creative director Sam Lake and game director Kyle Rowley revealed that Alan Wake 2 is the studio’s biggest and most ambitious game to date, and that it will deliver a genuine survival horror experience.

Alan wake 2 survival horror

Lake stated that Remedy’s dream of Alan Wake 2 has grown more ambitious and more unique over the years. A game project like this is a very complex undertaking, as a lot of different things need to come together. As such, it is the studio’s biggest project yet, not just in terms of the concept itself, but also the timing and having the right partners for the venture.

Meanwhile, Rowley, who served as the lead designer for Quantum Break, stated that the studio isn’t quite ready to reveal much about its approach to survival horror just yet. Though, he added that him and the development team want to put a stake in the ground and say that they are creating Remedy’s take on the survival horror genre. According to him, all elements of Alan Wake 2, including gameplay, narrative, atmosphere, and music, are “singing from the same hymn sheet”, and that this was very important for the studio from the outset.

Rowley also mentioned that the decision to craft an experience that is welcoming to all was very important to Remedy when developing the concept for Alan Wake 2. He further stated that both new players, who may not be familiar with the series or the Remedy Connected Universe, as well as fans, who have been on the journey with Remedy and enjoyed the studio’s earlier games, will be able to enjoy the experience. That said, if you have played Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Control, and the Control: AWE DLC, there will be many connections, pieces of lore, and familiar characters for players to discover.

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