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New Details On Armored Core VI, Miyazaki’s Involvement Revealed

New information regarding From Software’s next title, Armored Core VI, including details on Miyazaki’s involvement with the project, have been revealed.

During a special Taipei Games Show presentation for Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, producer Yasutaka Ogura shared some new details regarding the upcoming From Software game.

Armored core vi details

Ogura discussed that, while Miyazaki is not the director for Armored Core 6, he is still involved with the game’s development. He is instead the game’s “initial game director”, and his role was to help develop the game’s foundation alongside the line producer and other team members. His goal was to establish the groundwork for the game, such as the world map layout and action elements.

According to Ogura, Armored Core VI’s story has no association with Armored Core V. Therefore, newcomers will have no trouble getting into the experience. The subtitle “Fires of Rubicon” is representative of the state of the game’s world.

The producer clarified that, while Armored Core VI is primarily a single-player action game, it will also feature an online arena mode. The game will continue the trend of having the kind of boss battles that developer From Software is known for. The battles, in general, will be dynamic and aggressive, according to Ogura.

In terms of customization, players will have the opportunity to make their own original emblem. They’ll also be able to change the color and appearance of the mechs. In the end, Ogura encouraged fans to look forward to what his team at From Software has in store for them with Armored Core VI. The game is set to launch this year in 2023 for the PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Previously, it was revealed that Masaru Yamamura, the lead designer for Sekiro, is at the helm of the development of Armored Core 6.

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