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Titanfall Legends Game Was Inspired By Doom Eternal, Details On Characters & Story

In addition to details regarding its characters and story, it has been revealed that the canceled Titanfall Legends game was inspired by Doom Eternal.

Speaking during the latest episode of GiantBomb’s Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb revealed that the Titanfall Legends game that had been in development at Respawn was inspired by Doom Eternal, and he also had some additional details to share regarding the canceled game’s characters and story.

Titanfall legends characters story doom eternal

According to Grubb, EA and Respawn were looking to turn the Apex Legends franchise into a platform akin to Call of Duty. Titanfall Legends was planned as the single-player component of this initiative. The canceled game was set to feature Legends, who would show up from time to time and give special powers to the playable character. The titans themselves were to function like classic cars, and would be rare and expensive to acquire.

Grubb also shared that BT would play a major role in the story, and Rampart would be the one to bring her back to life. Players were to have the opportunity to build and upgrade BT and go on search for parts of the Lost Ark in order to enhance strength.

Regarding the game’s cancellation, Grubb mentioned that lots of key people from the early days of development had left Respawn. According to him, EA had deemed it financially difficult to make a Titanfall game because, according to the publisher, a single-player only game doesn’t make as much money as a multiplayer game. On the other hand, and a game featuring a multiplayer mode may have been a diversion for the Apex Legends user base.

Lastly, Grubb stated that here is another non-licenced game, implying that it has nothing to do with the Star Wars IP, currently in the works at Respawn, and that the project is led by Steve Fukuda. As for whether this is Titanfall 3 or something entirely new is anyone’s guess.

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