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Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Suite Update Explained

Animal Crossing New Horizons will continue to get new content updates and one of them is rumored to add the Dream Suite featuring Luna. Here’s everything explained for this update.

While it is not yet confirmed when the Dream Suit update will arrive in Animal Crossing New Horizons, some evidence has been discovered thanks to data miners.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Suite

This feature was first introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Through this gameplay mode, it was possible for others to share their creations and there was no need for two players to present. The Dream Suite is run by a tapir named Luna. In Animal Crossing New Leaf, you could get 5000 bells if you talk to her and create a dream version of your town. It also allows other players to explore your world without you needed to be online. You can speed these bells, 500 each, to visit and explore other players’ Islands.

The Dream Suite worked like a Dream so there was no worry about other people messing up your Island. It worked out best by letting you explore any Island created by a different player and then taking items back to your own world. You could also visit any location on their Island to experience them.

So this begs the question of whether the Dream Suite will come to AC New Horizons or not. Ninji the data miner has also already told the upcoming Animal Crossing feature through the coding of Animal Crossing New Horizons. He also thinks that Dream Suite will come to Animal Crossing New Horizons but he is not sure about it.

While the Dream Suite may be added to the game in a future update, nothing is set in stone for now. Nintendo could add them in a future update but we have to wait and see if this turns out to be the case.

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