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Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Suite Update Explained

Animal Crossing New Horizons will continue to get new content updates and one of them is rumored to add the Dream Suite featuring Luna. Here’s everything explained for this update.

It’s still unclear that Animal Crossing New Horizons will have Dream Suite (a.k.a Dream mansion) or not just like the previous versions of Animal Crossing. But the data miners for the game have found some coding that is related to Dream Suite. Let’s see what Nintendo has planned for the future.

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What is the Dream Suite (A.K.A Dream Mansion)?

Dream Suite was first featured in Animal Crossing New Leaf. In Dream Suite, people share their town creations with each other with no need for both players to be present. This feature is loved by many players.

At the start when you enter the Dream Suite, it’s a building filled with beds. It is run by a tapir named Luna. You will have to talk to her to create a dream version of your town. You will be rewarded 5000 Bells and your town will be explorable by other online players. You can also pay 500 Bells in order to explore other online player’s towns.

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As the name suggests that Dream Suite is a dream so this thing was not real, you can explore other player’s towns in your pajamas freely and bring anything back with you, or you can go to stores and town hall.

It was the best thing for the players to share their towns and like other people’s creations without getting worried about the mess created by visitors. You can learn from the best decorations. You don’t need to set up a time to visit another player’s towns in this feature, that’s why it would be good if this feature is introduced in Animal Crossing New Horizon.

Will the Dream Suite be coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Ninji the data miner has also already told the upcoming Animal Crossing feature through the coding of Animal Crossing New Horizons. He also thinks that Dream Suite will come to Animal Crossing New Horizons but he is not sure and he also has a reason for that which he told everyone.

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There is no clear roadmap on what will be added in the future updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons so it is too early to say anything definitive regarding the Dream Suite or Luna coming to the game, but it is definitely possible looking at the Earth Day event that brought back some fan-favorites from previous Animal Crossing games.

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