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Anthem Day One Update Includes Many Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Anthem will get a day one update that will try to fix many of the issues that the players are currently facing in the game. These issues range from crashes, loading screens to performance related issues all platforms.

Bioware Lead Producer, Michael Gamble, shared the details about this upcoming Anthem update on his Twitter account. The following issues are reportedly going to be fixed in an upcoming update to Anthem.

The game is only available as part of early access to users who either have a special edition of the game or active subscription for EA and Origin Access.

  • Fixes a bug that is related to getting hit by invisible people. It is related to streaming on slower/full hard drives.
  • Faction point related bug that can lead to game crashes/disconnect when talking to people in the Fort.
  • Fix for loading screen not completing properly.
  • Fix for audio disappearing.
  • Opening chests will now have a large radius so that anyone in your squad can benefit from it.
  • Fixes an issue related to completing all trials and tomb not unlocking.
  • Fixes Xbox settings not being saved.
  • Improves and optimizes performance on all platforms.

This is just a tease of what Bioware is planning to release with the day one update of Anthem. It is currently available as part of early access on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The official launch date for Anthem is on February 22.

Source (Twitter)

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