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Anthem Early UK Sales Paint a Grim Picture, Around 10% of Destiny 1 Debut and Half of Andromeda

Anthem is not doing that great in retail sales, at least in the UK. This is according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, who revealed that Anthem opening week retail sales are just 10% of what Destiny 1 sold in its launch week in the UK.

“Anthem sold around 10% what Destiny sold in its first week,” said Daniel Ahmad in a post on ResetEra.

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Daniel clarified that this refers to retail sales and doesn’t factor in digital.

“Andromeda sold more than double yes. Andromeda itself was already nearly half of what ME3 sold in its first week.”

“Again. These are packaged sales comparisons and digital missing does skew the figures. Digital sales (which EA themselves say is approaching 50% of overall sales for them) are not counted. Nor is EA Access players. There were incentives to buy the digital ver. so I’d expect a really high digital share for the game.”

Similar comments were being echoed by others with access to some preliminary sales data. It is still early to say how Anthem will perform, but it is not exactly doing that great so far.

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EA is expecting Anthem to sell six million copies in six weeks. If the opening week sales are low then it will be hard to hit this target in under two months unless EA heavily discounts the game after launch, or hopes that word of mouth is strong.


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  1. PachterStation February 26, 2019

    So, what sucked people in? The graphics or the genre? Or was it something else? Bottom line, you’d have to be dumb not to see this coming. Nothing special in my eyes. It’s happened to so many games before and it’ll keep going on until gaming dies. For generations now, too many gamers get sucked into graphics. Look at the Last of Us 2, same as the first game, nothing to write home about. Live and learn.

    1. GrimmyReaper February 26, 2019

      My guess is the reveal trailer as it did look very impressive. While graphics are not the most important thing, they can help hype up a game, but Anthem was downgraded quite hard. It looks pretty, but definitely a massive downgrade.
      I’ve long stopped buying day one anyway and just wait when there is a GOTY for like 30 bucks and if the game is any good but even then, because of EA, I would never trust any release with them. I am honestly shocked people still buy their shit day one. Their choice of course but … you know. There are better choices.

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