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Anthem Full Open World Map Details: What Is The Length and Size of Anthem World Map

Anthem is getting its VIP demo starting today so here’s a look at the complete world map that was stitched together by a group of fans. The length and size of Anthem’s world map were calculated from it.

The game will offer an open world with persistent online multiplayer letting you team up with friends to perform various activities. At first glance, this Anthem world map might look small but it can take you roughly 10 to 15 minutes to traverse through the whole world map.

What is The Size and Length of Anthem World Map?

The official Anthem world map is still not available but this fan-made one is as close as it gets. This was created by taking multiple images of someone playing the demo and then all of it was stitched together. This has been already done in the past with many other games so it is not necessarily a new technique, and it is usually the most accurate representation of the final world map.

Now coming to the length and how long it will actually take you to fly from one end of the map to the next, some calculations were performed by Daanlyb on Reddit which gave an estimated traverse time of 4.24 minutes without counting in overheating or verticality, which plays a huge factor in Anthem.

If you are interested in Anthem, make sure to give the ongoing VIP demo a chance or you can wait for the public demo that will start from February 1st.

Source (Reddit)

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