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Ark Survival Evolved Is Getting a Native PS5 and Xbox Series X Version

Ark Survival Evolved could be getting a native PS5 version along with the Xbox Series. This is based on a rating given by PEGI.

PEGI has rated the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X version of Ark Survival Evolved suggesting that a release date announcement is due soon. The game was previously only playable on the current-generation consoles through backward compatibility.

Ark has always been seen as a demanding game on PC, and its performance on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X was also questionable. It remains to be seen what a native PS5 and Xbox Series version will offer on consoles because support is winding down for the game and the sequel has already been announced.

When the Xbox Series was first announced, it was revealed that Ark Survival Evolved will take advantage of the console’s power to improve the visuals, performance, and other metrics. There was no such enhancement being offered for the PS5 version, but this might change based on the new rating given by PEGI. It confirms that the game will be getting a native PS5 and Xbox Series version.

On the Xbox Series, the developers were able to offer increased draw distance, improved resolution, and visuals. If the PS5 version gets the same treatment, expect to see a similar types of enhancements on the PS5.

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