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Atelier Sophie 2 ESRB Rating Outlines Story, Gameplay and Fanservice Elements

Atelier Sophie 2 is going to feature the traditional fanservice moments. These are detailed in a rating by ESRB that was published recently.

ESRB has given the game a Teen rating for “Alcohol Reference, Fantasy Violence, and Suggestive Themes”. The rating also suggests that Atelier Sophie 2 is going to make the fans happy as swimsuits, close-up body shots, and more are going to be featured in this sequel.

Check out the complete description provided by ESRB for Atelier Sophie 2.

This is a role-playing game in which players control Sophie, an alchemist searching for her mentor in a dream-like world. As players collect resources for alchemy, they can interact with characters, craft items, and battle various fantasy creatures (e.g., dragons, plant- and rabbit-like monsters, giant jellyfish) in turn-based combat. Characters use magic staffs, swords, spears, and occasionally guns to defeat enemies. Some characters wear revealing outfits that expose deep cleavage, and a handful of sequences allow players to wear swimsuits/bikinis in battle. Camera angles also linger on female characters’ chests and/or pan up their bodies during cutscenes. Characters make several references to alcohol in the dialogue (e.g., “I brew the liquor, sell it to pubs, then turn right back around and spend those profits to drink my own product”; “I caught her knocking back these huge jugs of liquor at the pub like it was nothing”; “It was a real pleasure to hear about how much passion he has for every aspect of alcohol.”).

This is the first sequel in the series in a while. It is being released after the success of Atelier Ryza and its sequel. Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream will be released on February 25, 2022, for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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