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Arma Reforger PC vs. Xbox Series X Comparison: A Decent Port With Performance Issues

Arma Reforger is available for Xbox Series X in addition to PC. Here are the details on its performance including resolution and frame rate.

The game has launched in an early access phase on both PC and Xbox Series X. It also supports the Xbox Series S with a slightly downgraded version of the game running on it compared to its powerful sibling. Here’s the performance of the game running on the different platforms.

As an early access game, this performance is subject to change so do keep this in mind. Putting that aside, Arma Reforger doesn’t appear to quite hit the 60 FPS mark on the Xbox consoles. It sticks somewhere between 40 to 50 FPS no matter its resolution or performance.

There are no graphic modes available on the Xbox Series S or X so the player is stuck with the default. In this case, the resolution of Arma Reforger on Xbox Series S has been reported at dynamic 1440p which hovers around 1300p while the Xbox Series X has a dynamic resolution of 4k which hovers around 1900p.

The game appears to run on the low/medium preset on the Xbox Series X and even lower on the Series S. This is evident with things like the draw distance, shadows, and vegetation taking a step back on the consoles compared to PC. On the other hand, the PC version maxed out at Ultra preset is highly demanding and struggles to run solid 60 FPS even on a powerful rig.

Regardless of this, the game appears to be in early access as of now so the performance should improve as it gets closer to launch. It is also being planned for the PS5 so it should be interesting to see how well it manages to run on Sony’s latest console compared to the Xbox Series X.

Salal Awan

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