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Astral Chain Gets First Review Score From Japanese Magazine

Astral Chain is an upcoming Platinum Games exclusive which is out on August 30. Ahead of its release, the first review for Astral Chain was published.

Platinum Games is well known among fans for their action games. Astral Chains brings in their trademark action and adds a unique twist to it. After the major success of Nier Automata, this is the second game by them that is launching as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

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One of the unique hooks of Astral Chain is that it allows two-player co-op which is something that wasn’t possible in Nier Automata. It is an action game with co-op support and a unique combat system. Players can control a special weapon called a Legion and then combine their powers to combat different enemies.

Astral Chain has a review embargo that is likely going to lift on August 29 or a day before the launch of the game. This has been the case with most of the Nintendo Switch exclusives that have been released this year. Japanese Magazine Famitsu has published their review ahead of the embargo and details on the review score are out.

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Famitsu has given the game a review score of 37/40, which is based on the opinions of four different reviewers. It comes down to 9/10/9/9 which combined gives us the 37/40 overall score. This is a good review score considering they gave the same to Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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