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Astro Bot & Concord Price Has Been Revealed Via Retailer/PlayStation Store

A Japanese online retailer and the PlayStation Store have revealed the retail price of Astro Bot and Concord, respectively.

Online retailer Biccamera has shared the retail price of Astro Bot in Japan, while the PlayStation Store has revealed the price of Concord in Australia. Team Asobi’s 3D platformer will be available for the retail price of 7980 Yen (excluding the store discount), which roughly translates to 60 USD. Meanwhile, Firewalk Studios’ multiplayer first-person shooter will be available for the price $59.95 AUD, which roughly translates to 40 USD.

Astro bot concord price

The pricing for both titles appears to be in line with what was expected. Astro Bot is priced the same as the other recent PlayStation first-party platformer, Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Similarly, being a live service title, Concord is priced the same as Helldivers 2.

Details regarding the pre-order bonuses for Concord have also been revealed by the Australian PlayStation Store. Those who pre-purchase the online first-person shooter will receive a Monarch Pack, Vale’s Monarch Frontliner Sniper Skin, Dead Reckoner Weapon Skin Pack, and Beta early access for the purchaser and four friends.

According to the store page, Concord will allow you to handpick your personal roster of Freegunners from the crew of the Northstar, a group of misfits, outlaws, and adventurers working as guns-for-hire. From powerful mystics and towering robots to skilled gunslingers and helpful healers, each Freegunner of the Northstar crew brings their own unique skills, personality, and abilities that cater to a wide-range of play styles. Players will be able to create their own custom squads of Freegunners to bring an arsenal of different role types to the match or focus on their favorite characters in order to master their gameplay and unlock unique modifiers, cosmetics, background lore, and more. Each match is a new adventure as you team up with friends online and take on rival Freegunner crews to complete high-stakes jobs across the Concord galaxy in 5v5 online PVP modes.

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