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Atomic Heart Debug Build Leaked For PC, Screenshots & Gameplay Footage Shared

A debug build of Mundfish’s Atomic Heart has leaked for PC ahead of the game’s release, with gameplay footage and screenshots being shared online.

The debug PC build of Atomic Heart was leaked by a BreachForums member. They claimed to have dumped it from a peculiar place and had been sitting on it for about a week before deciding to leak it to the public. The game files were shared online without any security precautions, making them available to download and play for anyone.

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Atomic Heart Leaked Gameplay Footage

5 hours of leaked gameplay from the upcoming Atomic Heart can be seen in the video below.

The leaked debug build of Atomic Heart is presumably an older version of the game, though it is said to be fully functional. There are, however, many bugs that may make the experience less enjoyable. Furthermore, it’s unfortunate that the leak ended up happening extremely close to the game’s official release. Those looking to enjoy the game spoiler free should exercise caution, as leaked gameplay footage will undoubtedly reveal major story beats. Based on reports, the game’s download size is around 80 GB.

Atomic heart debug build pc

Previously, the official Twitter account for Atomic Heart announced the resolution and frame rate for the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X. It does not appear to feature different graphics modes, instead targeting a resolution of 4K and a frame rate of 60 fps on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. There is a minor caveat, however.

According to developer Mundfish, Atomic Heart operates at a stable frame rate of 60 fps while maintaining a resolution of 4K inside of dungeons on both current-gen platforms. However, upon exiting the dungeon area and entering the open world, a dynamic resolution is engaged, which targets and mostly hits a resolution of 4K while maintaining a stable frame rate 60 fps. This is the first we’ve heard of specifics regarding the technical aspects of the console versions. Footage seen from the game thus far is known to be running on PC.

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