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Atomic Heart Offers Plenty of Violence and Gore, Here Are The Details

Atomic Heart is an upcoming first-person shooter from Mundfish that will be published by Focus Entertainment. Here are the details on its mature content.

Atomic Heart has faced some controversy regarding its alleged development troubles but the game appears to be close to release now. It has been rated in Taiwan in addition to Singapore where the rating board has detailed its mature content.

Atomic Heart appears to be inspired by the sci-fi antics of the Bioshock series with its first-person shooting mechanics and unique gameplay perspective, and while the game looks great in its official trailers, the jury is still out on its public launch and how it fares with the critics.

    ‘Atomic Heart’ is an action roleplaying game set in an alternate reality, post-WWII Soviet Union. Citizens are living in a utopian world of advanced technology, but machines and robots have suddenly risen in violent rebellion. Mutant creatures created from secret experiments have also surfaced to attack the population. The player undertakes the role of protagonist Major P-3, who is sent on a mission to locate the saboteur.

The game is classified M18 for violence and gore.

The player controls P-3 from a first-person perspective to explore locations, converse with other characters, and fight enemies comprising creatures, robots and machines. P-3 is accompanied by an AI assistant embedded in his combat glove, and will use the glove’s special abilities as well as blades and ranged weapons in combat. During the course of play, collected items allow the player to replenish health and upgrade weapons and abilities. Certain locations require the player to solve puzzles to unlock progress.

There are frequent depictions of violence and gore. Large blood splatters can be seen when characters are struck, leaving bloodstains on surfaces. Humanoid characters are frequently dismembered or decapitated during gameplay. During exploration, bloodstained surfaces and corpses can often be seen in the environment. Other strong scenes depict a character being bisected by a laser beam, and a sequence depicting a decapitated human head being place in a glass container. The M18 guidelines allow depictions of “realistic violence such as killing, maiming or causing serious injury to humanoid characters”.

The game’s dialogue contains some sexual innuendo, as well as use of coarse language and crude words such as “f**k”, “bitch” and “shit”. The player may encounter life-size sex dolls and female corpses dressed only in underwear, as well as naked human characters in glass cells, without explicit details of nudity.

While the game is quite violent based on its description, it doesn’t appear to have sexual content. The dialogue does include some sexual innuendo and swearing so that’s the extent of it.

Atomic Heart was first revealed in 2019 and it has been in development for a while. The game faced plenty of controversies during its development including reports of overtime and crunch.

Here are some details for the game taken from the Steam page.

Welcome to a utopian world of wonders and perfection, in which humans live in harmony with their loyal and fervent robots.

Well, that’s how it used to be. With the launch of the latest robot-control system mere days away, only a tragic accident or a global conspiracy could disrupt it…

The unstoppable course of technology along with secret experiments have brought rise to mutant creatures, terrifying machines and superpowered robots—all suddenly rebelling against their creators. Only you can stop them and find out what lies behind the idealized world.

Using the combat abilities granted by your experimental power glove, your arsenal of blades and cutting-edge weaponry, fight for your life in explosive and frenetic encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each unique opponent. Combine your skills and resources, use the environment and upgrade your equipment to overcome challenges and fight for good.

  • An utopian world, both mad and sublime
  • Visceral, spectacular and unforgiving combat
  • Blast giant machines and mutants using your multiple skills and advanced weapons
  • Upgrade your arsenal and equipment

Atomic Heart is currently confirmed for a launch on February 21, 2023, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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