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Backlash Against Capcom DRM On Steam Triggers Surge In Negative Reviews/Game Refunds, Modder Clarifies

Backlash against Capcom adding DRM to its games has triggered a surge in negative reviews and refunds on Steam, though a modder has clarified that things aren’t how they seem.

Capcom has incorporated The Enigma Protector DRM into its existing PC game lineup, including titles like Resident Evil Revelations, Capcom Arcade Stadium & 2nd Stadium, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol1 & Vol2, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Strider, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on Steam.

Capcom drm steam

The company had previously outlined plans to address cheating and piracy issues on PC games by introducing a new DRM. According to Capcom, cheating and piracy can devalue the product and lead to financial loss for the company. An update for Resident Evil Revelations was temporarily withdrawn due to game crashes, but Capcom has assured players that it will be re-released once the issue is resolved.

The newly added DRM is said to result in several virus warnings. As such, this has triggered a surge of negative reviews and refunds for Capcom titles on Steam. It has been claimed that the DRM prevents modding, has a negative effect on frame rate, and causes intermittent stutters. However, as per a Resident Evil series modder, this information is not true. They clarified that there is nothing that proves The Enigma Protector DRM was the cause of the issues in Resident Evil Revelations. They reminded that Resident Evil 5 was patched with the same DRM about a year ago, and it didn’t lead to any issues with performance or mods. Additionally, they mentioned that many other Capcom games have had the DRM incorporated for quite a time now.

The modder mentioned that The Enigma Protector DRM doesn’t affect file mods at all, which most mods are, including all cosmetic mods. However, it does try to prevent some forms of reverse-engineering and code tampering, which a lot of people working on trainers or making code-changing mods are doing. This is expected behavior of a DRM, they stated.

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