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Heretic/Hexen 3 Was Possibly In The Works At Raven Software In 2019

Heretic/Hexen 3, a new entry in the classic dark fantasy first-person shooter series, was possibly in the works at Activision’s Raven Software in the year 2019.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Michael Gummelt, former Project Lead, Lead Designer, Studio Designer, and Studio Software Engineer at Raven Software, the studio appeared to have been working on Hexen 3 or Heretic 3 back in 2019.

heretic hexen 3

Gummelt’s resume states that he worked on an unreleased sequel to a classic Raven Software IP. He worked as the l

The obvious classic Raven Software IP that comes to mind are Heretic and Hexen. The two prototypes that had been developed likely were to pitch a possible Heretic 3 or Hexen 3. Unfortunately, we’ll never know, as the project was ultimately canceled in favor of Raven Software working on Call of Duty: Warzone and its successor.

The most recent entry in the series, Heretic 2, is a dark fantasy action-adventure game that was developed by Raven Software and published by Activision in November 1998. It continues the story of Corvus, the main character from its predecessor, Heretic, and is the fourth game in the Hexen: Beyond Heretic series, following the “Serpent Rider” trilogy.

The game, utilizing a modified Quake II engine, combines a third-person camera with first-person shooter action, presenting a unique gaming experience at the time. This design choice was controversial among fans of the original game, a renowned first-person shooter built on the Doom engine. Kevin Schilder composed the music, and Gerald Brom contributed conceptual work for characters and creatures in the game. Notably, Heretic II is the only Heretic/Hexen video game unrelated to id Software, aside from its role as an engine licenser. Loki Software later ported Heretic II to Linux, Hyperion Entertainment to the Amiga, and MacPlay to the Macintosh.

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