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Baldo: The Guardian Owls Has a Game Breaking Save Bug

Baldo: The Guardian Owls players are reporting a major bug with the game that appears to lead to loss of progress and applies to all platforms.

We have reported on how the game is getting negative reviews on Steam. Most of the complaints there appear to center on the lackluster PC port. There is also a thread on Steam that talks about a major bug that would wipe out in-game progress. The developers have replied to this thread and confirmed that they are aware of this issue.

At first, it was thought that this appears to be specific to PC but turns out that it can also happen on the Nintendo Switch. There is a thread on reddit that mentions the same bug happening on the Nintendo Switch.

“I saved the game and quit out yesterday, upon loading my save, all my additional hearts (HP), money, and orbs are gone. Side quests are still completed, so those hearts can’t be regained. Chests still opened, so the money can’t be regained. In addition, the durability of my shield is completely gone and breaks in one-hit when it had maxed durability at the time when I saved and quit, ” reads the OP.

The developers had acknowledged the issue on the Steam thread but their response suggested they don’t consider it a big deal. “We are aware of the bug and fixing it, however, despite being frustrating, this doesn’t heavily affect the gameplay.”

The user on Steam further mentions that this bug could be related to saving the game when quitting, which is how it is triggered. If you are playing it right now, it is best to avoid saving when you quit the game.

The developer can patch the game at a later date, but as it stands, this bug exists on PC and Nintendo Switch, and could possibly happen on the PS4 too.

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