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Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition Doesn’t Offer Ray-Tracing On XSX

Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition has just launched on the PS5 and Xbox Series, but it doesn’t appear to offer it on Microsoft’s console.

Digital Foundry has conducted an analysis of Little Nightmares II on the Xbox Series and PS5. They have concluded that due to a bug, the game doesn’t appear to render ray-tracing at all in the Xbox Series version.

Little Nightmares II was first released for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC earlier this year. It was promised at that time that the PS5 and Xbox Series versions will be given as a free update.

As we have reported, this upgrade is out now for the current-generation consoles. It appears to be a substantial update with a lot of new features from 60 FPS support to ray-tracing. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to the Xbox Series version and it could be a bug that can be patched out.

The game runs at 4K at 30 FPS on the PS5 with all the bells and whistles like ray-tracing, improved shadows, and so on. In the case of Xbox Series, it misses out on ray-tracing but is otherwise identical. Xbox Series gets 1440p resolution.

The other mode that opts for 60 FPS runs at a dynamic 4K resolution that caps out at a higher average on the Xbox Series and lower on the PS5. This mode also supports all of the new visual features but at the cost of a slightly lowered resolution.

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