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Here Are All The New Additions To Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition

Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition is releasing later today for PS5 and Xbox Series. Here’s everything new added to this new version.

Little Nightmares II was supposed to get a PS5 and Xbox Series upgrade for free. It launched earlier this year and as we have covered, it was already rated in Taiwan and Brazil. In a press release today, Bandai Namco has shared the new additions to the game that are coming as part of the Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition.

There is no bonus content or an additional new story in this edition. Most of the upgrades are visual only, but hey, we finally get ray-tracing and 60 FPS!

What’s New In Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition

  • Beauty Mode* – Little Nightmares II runs at 30fps at 4K resolution with optimized Ray Tracing.
  • Performance Mode* – Locks the game at 60fps. Dynamic resolution up to 4K to maintain 60fps with Ray Tracing.
  • Ray-Traced Reflections – Allows any shiny surface to provide a reflection. Its clarity and definition depend on surfaces.
  • Volumetric Shadows – Increased resolution of volumetric shadows. Light rays are disturbed by objects and characters moving in front of a strong light source.
  • Interactive Particles – Particles are more abundant and dynamically affected by Mono, Six and the main antagonists. Particles swim and eddy behind them, creating a more realistic and immersive environment. 
  • Immersive Audio – New immersive 3D soundscape mix, creating a more involving experience when listening via 5.1 /7.1 audio systems or headphones.

You can have a look at this new edition of the game with the launch trailer shared by PlayStation.

The game is basically a side-scrolling platformer that is set in a nightmarish world. Don’t be afraid to give it a chance, it is easily a contender for one of the best games of this year.

There is a standard edition of the game available for $29.99 along with a deluxe edition for $39.99. Getting either of these will give you a PS4 and PS5 copy of the game.

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